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at 14:14pm
I feel like the Divergent fandom

Is literally the only fandom in the world who does NOT want their final book split into two movies.

Already, a huge chunk of Allegiant was super unnecessary and slow. And now they want to make 2? 

If anything, cut Insurgent in half. Now THERE’S a book with a shit ton of plot. Allegiant is just, “But what MAKES our brains do things?” For like a million pages all the while Tobias is reflecting on how much he hates himself and his life. Then the last hundred pages are like, “Oh, yeah. We have a world to save” and we all cry. 

I dunno, ya’ll.

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    UGH the last one is just terrible. The more I think about it, the more I dislike Allegiant. Sorry dude.
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  5. intertwiningfantasy said: i’m just tired of movies jumping on the harry potter bandwagon and being split into 2 when they don’t have enough plot to fill two movies
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