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I just really want to go to NYU

Perhaps get the hell out of Florida and go somewhere I can actually have a substantial journalism career. Also, Entertainment Weekly’s offices are in NYC so the closer I am to them, the better I can follow them.

I also want to quickly make note of why I’m so adamant on working for Entertainment Weekly. Because I really don’t know if a lot of people truly get it.
When I say that I want to be an entertainment journalist, I don’t mean that I want to report on celebrity life or gossip. What I mean is that I want to report on art. I want to review music, talk to authors about their books, follow the process of a film and how it is being made. Because art and writing are my two favorite things in the world, so being able to write about art is basically a dream job.
Anyways, when you see most entertainment magazines, they don’t report on stuff like that. They report on gossip and celebrity life. Entertainment Weekly is (aside from Rolling Stone), the only broad entertainment magazine (and I say broad because there are magazines solely for music and solely for films, but I want to report on everything) that only reports on the art. Occasionally, EW will include a few blurbs about something interesting happening to an actor or musician, but they never get intrusive or jump to conclusions. And that, in and of itself, is done VERY sparingly. 
Entertainment Weekly is a magazine about the artistic aspect of entertainment. And that’s why I admire them so much. Because, as a Weekly, I know it’s much easier to just publish a bunch of crap within your timeframe. (Trust me, I know. We distribute a new issue of The Viper Vibe every month and it’s STILL hectic. I can only imagine having to do that every week.) But they take the time to write extensive features on the filmmaking process of a movie. They publish pages upon pages of reviews.  They handle entertainment very well and keep it from being vapid. And that’s the kind of publication that I want to be a part of.
As much as I do appreciate broad news, fashion, sports, etc, I don’t know if I’d be nearly as happy doing that. Because, at the end of the day, I’m an artist too. And getting to center my life around art is just the most surreal thing I can think of.

And NYU has a great program for journalism AND they’re close to Entertainment Weekly so if I try hard enough, I can intern for them and *hopefully* ultimately write for them. 

Also, rock bands tour in New York. So I might actually get to see my favorite bands when they go on tour .__. 

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