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My name is Gio and I love books, music, film, and strive to one day be an author. What you'll find here is mostly just the disorganized spewing of my random and geeked out thoughts. Shinedown and 3DG are my babies, I write songs about books on youtube, am in a band called Dear Confessor, and have somewhat of an obsession with Avatar the Last Airbender. Please to meet ya <3
"We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are."
You're so far down. But you will survive this somehow because life starts now.
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Except, not really. You’re extraordinary.

That was the absolute MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE, DEAR GOD. I don’t even know where to begin. The love-making was like poetry. There was so much unbridled love and joy in that scene. It was overwhelming. 

Jem has had 130 years of silent suffering. Tessa has lived through the death of everyone she has ever loved. Her husband. Her effing children. All her friends. She’s lived LIFETIMES and she is never desensitized to that kind of loss. To that pain. She and Jem have ever only had each other in their really distant way. The Jem-but-not-really-Jem way, I suppose. 

Which is why the Blackfriars Bridge scene in the epilogue of Clockwork Princess had me sobbing hysterically. And how Tessa and Jem in City of Heavenly Fire had me sobbing hysterically. I mean, I don’t need to tell you guys the gravity of my Jessa feelings. I HAVE EXPRESSED SUCH IN SONG, FOR HELL’S SAKE.

 So, okay. Cassie writes us this absolutely beautiful scene where Tessa and Jem go back to Tessa’s flat in London and they catch up and make love and my feelings were all over the floor. 

It was dreamlike. PERFECT. They were laughing, they were reminiscing. They teased each other and were completely drunk off of love and lust and 130+ years of bottled emotions for each other. Pain, longing, love, joy, and everything in between. 

I laughed reading this, not in a “HAHAHA! THAT WAS FUNNY!” the way I normally laugh at Cassie’s characters (because, admittedly, they’re witty and hilarious). But just because I know Jem and Tessa on such a personal level, as you guys do too, and because I’m so in love with them both that I felt every emotion they felt in this scene. I felt as liberated as they did, finally being able to be together. 

I loved the part where Tessa mentioned how Jem’s kisses used to taste like burnt sugar and how now it was different, but still Jem. Representative of two different periods in their lives. Dying Jem, living off of yin-fen, versus post-Brotherhood Jem sprung to life by Jace’s Heavenly Fire. 

I loved the urgency of it too, and how genuine the scene felt. Jem the awkward 130 year old virgin, cracking jokes. When he was like, “Maybe the Brothers had secret orgies that I wasn’t invited to,” I died. And Tessa, beautiful, patient, emotional, clever. My babe ;__;

And I love how there was mention of Will. AT THE END, THOUGH. Jem saying the greatest love he’s ever known being himself, Tessa, and Will. I lost it, man. Because it’s so true. Those three and their love for each other. Nothing compares. 

JEM AND WILL’S KNIFE. THAT SCENE. War flashbacks to me sobbing over my book past 3AM, reading Will’s little eulogy over the bloody knife and nobody touch me. 

I miss Will so much. I ache for him when I read The Mortal Instruments books, knowing Jem and Tessa are around but Will isn’t. And I feel Jem and Tessa’s aching for Will just the same. But their love is strong and steady too and the scene was too much for me. It was beautiful and sexy and emotional. SO MUCH SMILING THROUGHOUT THIS THING.

And I’m done. I just had to mention it. 

Now where is that “Jem You Horny Beast” GIF that the fandom made back in the Clockwork Prince era? Let me see if I can find it. 



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you're super talented and deserve every fan/subscriber/author recognition you get, tbh. (i listened to silver violin multiple times in a row last week and cried a lot)

I’m so sorry for making you cry!!! Ahh. But thank you for sending this to me. And actually listening/liking my song so much. This is so sweet and I’m smiling like crazy. I’m sorry if this response is lame, because I’m horrible at articulating things, but ahh. Thank you so much ;__; 

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Original “Detonate” for Lev Calder in Unwind (Neal Shusterman) omg thank you whoever made this, this song made my day!

Oh my gosh. For a second, I thought this was reblogged from me, but, no. SOMEONE ELSE POSTED IT WHICH MEANS SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS MY SONG AND THAT IS MIND BOGGLING. Thank you so much for sharing/supporting it. This post made MY day <3 :)


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risawalks asked:
wanted to say that I saw your song on Shusterman's fb and LOVED it!! you're great!!


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There used to be people in my life who made me feel like I was an overall negative aspect of not just their lives, but the lives of everyone around me.

Now I’m surrounded by such so many amazing people who make me feel loved.

Still, I sometimes need reassurance. I need to hear someone’s…

Ugh, you’re so extraordinary though. Nobody should make you feel shitty about anything. 

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I was tagged by Kim at fasterpussycatchillchill

Name: Gio

Nickname: Well, okay. Technically Gio is a nickname for Giovanna. But nobody’s called me Giovanna since, like, 5th grade.

Birthday: October 22

Gender: Female

Sexuality: I’m straight but if Lights wanted to get married, that would honestly go out the window. Because Lights. 

Height: 5’4 which is pretty solid. 

Time Zone: EST

What time and date is it there: 10:07 AM, August 30. I woke up to Alexis giving me tips on how to care for my hair. 

Average hours of sleep I get each night: Depends, really. When I was working at Schwebke, I’d get 5 if I was lucky. Now? Maybe a few more. 7 or so. 

The last thing I Googled was: “Adam Lamberg 2014” and the results were stunning. 

My most used phrase(s): I say “shucks” and “bloody” a lot. And “perolyk” to the point that it’s probably not ironic anymore. 

First word that comes to mind: “Anxious” since that was Kim’s answer. Second word is “hair” because Alexis is still giving me hair advice. 

What I last said to a family member: “I’m going upstairs, ok.”

One place that makes me happy & why: Turtles. Man, I effing love turtles.

How many blankets I sleep under: A comforter. Except at hotels where they give you sheets and shit. 

Favorite beverage(s): I like coffee. Last night I dreamed that I went out for breakfast and didn’t order coffee and that dreamed turned into a nightmare very quickly. A racoon ate my sweater. This is not a fucking game.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: If I Stay with Maria. The experience made me remember why I hate Miami and everyone in it. 

Three things I can’t live without: Internet is one. Once, when it went out, I resorted to writing lyrics about why my life was in shambles. (“One, two, no internet for you. Three, four, what are we living for?”) I cannot live without books either, being my own and actual published books. They’re my entire life. And I should either say music or, obligatorily, my family. Either or. XD

Something I plan on learning: The countries of Africa. I KNOW EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND ONLY, LIKE, HALF OF AFRICA. I AM DETERMINED.

You have to listen to this song: I don’t know if you guys would actually like the music I like. My favorite song by my favorite band (Shinedown) is ‘45’ and that song really means the absolute world to me. 

A piece of advice for my follower: (Kim’s advice was really great, friends ;-;) I think the best advice I can give you is summed up in this post:
Those are kind of like my words to live by. 

My blog(s): Besides this one? I have one called which is just for reblogging. The theme is ugly and I don’t really care about it, so sorry in advance. haha. I have one for my writing but I’m not sharing that one here. And I used to own a review-writing blog with my friend Joey called but I haven’t written for it in months. The reviews are still there, though, if you want to take a look. 


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Letter to my thirteen year old self,



I don’t really make it a secret that I have somewhat of a complicated past. And by complicated, I mean I did some really incorrigible things. 

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I’ve been stalking Gio’s tumblr for the past, like, twenty minutes, and I found this and I feel like its a perfect example of why I got along with Gio so well and so instantly (other than having mutual besties and a very hilariously ridiculous thing in common.)

I admire this, I empathize with this, I agree with this
& I can relate to certain parts of this.

I was going to take this to your ask box perolyk you don’t have one.

Thank you for reading through the whole thing. I know it was long and emotional and maybe failed to make sense at certain points. Andrea, you’re a national treasure. Seriously ;-;

I’m so glad you were able to relate. Making that post made me so weary because of how people would react to that whole story. You’re so spectacular though ;-; <3

"a very hilariously ridiculous thing in common" will never not be perfectly hilarious XDD. 

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I get the following profanity-laden text from my friend Kat (kittykatattack): 

So I went and checked. And:


He said “awesome” and I’m just over the moon. 

This is cool. Okay. I think I’m okay. Except I’m not. But HOLY COW, GUYS. 


This is such an incoherent response to this but I don’t even know how to appropriately illustrate my excitement right now. Neal Shusterman put my song on his facebook. ;___;

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postsonurfacee said: Coconut oil!

Hmm. Not the first time I’ve heard this one. I’m looking into it. THANKS FOR THE TIP! :D

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fasterpussycatchillchill said:Just don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t work automatically. Also, sulfur-free shampoo/conditioner! (i keep remembering tips that i learned this summer. lol)

I seriously cannot thank you enough for this. OKAY. I WILL DO IT. HERE IS TO A NEW CHAPTER OF NOT-CRAZY HAIR. 

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fasterpussycatchillchill said:Just no hot water. Just being near that amount of heat will not be good for your hair. Give a bit for your hair to recover and follow the JF Frizz instructions, and you’ll love your hair!

I feel like tonight I’ve learned something more important than the shit I’m going to learn in half my classes this semester. 


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fasterpussycatchillchill said:Also, if you take hot showers, STOPPPP. That’s killing your hair and just one hot shower can multiply frizz like crazy. Try to stick to cold showers. If it’s hard for you to do, put it hot first, get in, and quickly change it to cold.

Hmmm. See, I’d normally just put my hair up during the warm shower, then put it down and wash it in cold water. You’re saying no? Like, just no hotness whatsoever? 
If so, that might just be it.

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fasterpussycatchillchill said:John Frieda Frizz Gel: Extra Strength. BAM

Kim, you’re the queen of my world. 

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It’s so frizzy and dry and nasty. Even when it’s dirty, it looks dry. I don’t understand. 

Having dyed my hair all those times and peroxiding the heck out of it really screwed me over. 

I’d honestly just chop it all off and start over if my face weren’t too chubby and man-ish for me to rock that. 


I JUST WANT HEALTHY HAIR. I’ve been using that Garnier Triple Nutrition for months and to no avail. 

Friends, help. So many of you have gorgeous color-treated hair. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. How do I make my hair not look like a piece of steel wool? Today my brother compared me to the prison-poon-sext chick from Orange is the New Black (whose name eludes me atm). 


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I finally wrote a new song. It’s literally been a month since my last video. A MONTH. I’m the worst youtuber ever, I stg. 

I’m excited about this one. It’s about ‘Where She Went’ by Gayle Foreman, which I just finished reading this week. (I know, I know. Super late to the party. I finished If I Stay a million years ago and said I’d get to the sequel ‘eventually’ and post-movie seemed like as good a time as any.)

As far as my other books. Shatter Me is still incomplete. Need to retrieve those missing pages. And I’m about 75% through Mara Dyer #2 and I love Daniel Dyer more aggressively with each page. 

Also, Noah. Babe. When Noah Shaw gets sad, the world gets sad. 

And Mara’s entire life is just so effed up. I want to wrap her in a snuggie and comb her hair or something. She deserves a damn break from all this chaos. 

What’s weird is that this is the kind of book I normally dislike. Where it’s just INFORMATION, CLUES, CLUES, CLUES, STUFF, MYSTERY, WHAT, WHAT, INFORMATION and little action. But something about this series, man. I’m a slave to it. It’s the characters and how bloody likeable they are. So witty and funny and the mystery is vague but so compelling and I care about these people and the story. And I just have a million questions and I’m eager for them to be answered. And it’s set in Miami so I can relate to all the characters and their complaints about it.  

But anyway. 

MY NEW SONG!!! Okay!!! It’s called ‘Cold Awakening’ and it’s got a different sound to it. I’m a little scared of how it’ll sound once I film it because you guys know how bad I am at singing in my head voice and this requires a lot of it. Cross your fingers for me, man. Let’s hope this sounds okay. 

If I were Amy Lee my music life would be so much simpler. 

Anywhooo, yeah. That happened. I have some plans for new videos that I’ll be filming this weekend, if all goes well. Keiter tagged me in a bookish thing a million years ago, and I’m super psyched for that. And I have another vlog I want to film. And I need to do my pitiful August wrap-up. (Spoiler alert, I read 3 and a half books if I finish Mara Dyer this week.)

I seem to be updating you guys on my entire life so let me cover all my bases: started school this week and MDC kills my spirit. My philosophy professor sounds like he swallowed John and Hank Green because his voice is a weird mixture of both of theirs. He could be a third vlogbrother, I swear. I bought some sushi today at Publix and it was delicious. I’ve written a whopping total of 3,000 words this week which is pathetic even with the excuse of *but you’re between projects*. I wrote that song. Uh. It’s been a boring week, despite having started school. Boo.