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giftsandcurses7331 said: You wrote a song about Frozen? That’s awesome!! :D

Haha. Sort of? I was bored once and thought, “What’s a movie I’ve seen recently with an interesting character?” So I just wrote lyrics about Elsa but they never became a song because I couldn’t string a melody to it. I’ll throw the lyrics below, though. Thanks for saying it’s awesome :)

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Songwriting session with Dear Confessor:

Josh: Gio, what are some of your lyrics that don’t have music yet?
Me: *shows him titles*
Him: Okay, let’s look at ‘Brick by Brick’
Me: Excellent. That one is about the movie Frozen. 
Him: …okay, you know what? Let’s just write something from scratch.

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So today I showed Josh “Hey Now”

because I asked if he wanted to sing Day’s part on my CD. 

And I started, like, “So, yeah. This song is about these book characters” and I sang it and by the end he was like, “I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess that the song is called ‘Hey Now’” And I cried a little. 

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Once you get this you must share 5 random facts about you. Then share with your 10 favourite followers

I’m one of your 10 favorite followers? Eep! How exciting! Thank you :D

Okay. Um…5 facts? Something ya’ll don’t already know?

1. My favorite color is red. (profound, I know)
2. For those who were unaware, I have a very intense and inexplicable fascination with theme park accidents and I can tell you everything that’s ever malfunctioned in Disney World, Disneyland, and any Universal or Busch Garden park on the spot. And my final column for The Viper Vibe was on what I deemed Disney’s top 7 most horrifying accidents.
3. First song I ever wrote was called “Used to Be” and it’s really embarrassing but shockingly not even the worst song I’ve ever written.
4. I find myself to be obscenely annoying and I honestly have no idea how anyone tolerates me…though I’m sure glad they do.
5. I cry almost every time I watch Taken and it’s really stupid and pathetic. It’s just so wonderful when Liam Neeson finds his daughter ;__;

OKAY! FIVE FACTS! I’ll tag the 10 people in a bit ;D

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Both Gone Girl and Dark Places are movies now! Gone Girl in October and Dark Places in September!

Wait really? 
AHH. THAT’S EVEN MORE EXCITING. And I also read an article today saying Sharp Objects is being re-optioned. It’s a good moment for GF fans. haha!

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So apparently Gone Girl is the Gillian Flynn movie that’s coming out

I thought it was Dark Places this whole time. 


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lol “free writing”

For my English class, I have to compile a binder of free writing and I literally just copied and pasted excerpts from my writing blog, reviews from keysmash, and my songs. DX

This is what you call hastily trying to assemble things at the last minute. 

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God, Never Fade was really eventful

I’m thinking back and…shit. SO MUCH WENT DOWN. No wonder I feel drained. 

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This book is the physical embodiment of the phrase, “Shit, I need a drink.”

I’m not even kidding. I’ve never felt so exhausted in my life. But in the best possible way. 

I livetweeted a good portion of it but I’m going to give a brief rundown of how I felt. 

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giftsandcurses7331 said:Everlost as in Everlost by Neal Shusterman? If I thinking of the right Everlost book, I’ll say that it’s great! It’s a really fun book with a great protagonist. :D

YES! Unwind is one of my favorite books (series too). I couldn’t not check out his other books. I’ve had Everlost for almost a year. Like, I’ve had it longer than I’ve had UnSouled (which I read immediately). My bookhauling has been so bad but I’m finally delving into my pile. haha

I’m super excited to read this one. Maybe I’ll save it for the end because it’s part of a series and I may be tempted to buy the rest. DX

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So…what I’m reading?

I finally got around to buying The Stand. Honestly, the book has intimidated the fuck out of me for years because it’s so massive. But I’ve decided, “You know what? Fuck this. I will not call myself a King fan until I’ve annihilated this cinder block. Because it’s one of his most beloved books and I will hate myself if I don’t read it.” 

But, I’m not reading it until I reach my 50 books of 2014 goal. Because a King book usually takes me 2-3 weeks depending on the length. I don’t know why that is. Probably has to do with the fact that his books all have this thing where their slow parts are excruciating but their fast parts are spectacular. I think his newer books are a lot better in terms of pacing. Like Doctor Sleep and Joyland were very fast reads for me, even though Doctor Sleep is pretty thick. 

Anyway, so I played a puzzle game where I stacked books of King’s next to The Stand and found its precise length was Pet Sematary and Carrie. Or The Shining and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. It was a fun game. XD

So, if I read The Stand now, I feel like I’m going to be reading it for like 6 months. Alas, I’m saving it for later. 

I’m thinking right after Never Fade I’m going to read Dark Places which has been on my shelf for ages. The trailer just dropped and I feel like the hourglass is about to run out. I hate being so late with books. I love Gillian Flynn, though, so I think I’ll be done with it quickly. I tend to finish her books pretty fast. (Do not ask me why I never got around to reading Dark Places. I do not know. The point is, I’m doing it now XD). 

I have a CRAP-TON  of YAs on my shelf too. To list the ones in my TBR pile (literally. They’re literally in a stack on my desk):

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Anna and the French Kiss
The 5th Wave
Rose Under Fire
Monument 14
Rush (I started and wasn’t sold but I’ll give it another shot)
Proxy (same ^)
and I want to start the Lunar Chronicles because I’ve been told by everyone and their mother to read it. (Which is weird that I haven’t because when Cinder came out, I was really intrigued by it but I always told myself, “Ah, I’ll buy it next week” and next week never came XD) 

And City of Heavenly Fire is getting bumped to the front once it’s released. Even if I’m in the middle of reading something else .__.

There are maybe 10 adult books in the pile too. One of them being the first Game of Thrones book. DX I’d list them but a lot of them are really obscure things that I just found lying on discount tables in the bookstore and thought were interesting. 

The Stand is going to feel like running a marathon. I always feel so drained when I finish a Stephen King book. Imagine one thick enough to stop a bullet. 

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that The Fault in Our Stars is an alternate universe in which Caleb realizes he was a dickshit by not going after Tris so he dies to set things right. 

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I’ve got maybe 100 pages or so left of Never Fade

I’ve never been so apprehensive whilst reading a book. I don’t really trust Bracken so I find myself holding my breath towards the end of every chapter because I’m terrified that someone I love is going to die. 

And it’s because these assholes are literally in danger every second of every day. Even when they’re just chillin’ in their tent, I’m like, “OMGOMGOMG, A PSF SOLDIER IS GOING TO SHOOT SOMEONE.” 

This book is scary. I don’t know who is going to live or die by the end of it. I have no idea where it’s going or how it’s going to end. I AM SO IN THE DARK AND THAT SCARES ME. 

The only prediction I have is one I’ve had from the beginning which is that Vida is in love with Cate. I can’t tell if her ardent defense is due to something maternal or passionate. It could be either or, honestly. Vida is a very intense character so it’s hard to tell. 


Oh. ALSO. RUBY. BABE. OKAY. LET ME LOVE YOU. I want to pull her out of the story for a few hours and feed her something warm and let her sleep on a nice bed and just brush her hair and tell her everything is going to be okay. ;____;