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"We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are."
You're so far down. But you will survive this somehow because life starts now.
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Okay, I’m listening to it now. I’m going to live-comment. 

Track 1 - Portal
She mentioned it was one chord throughout which I think is kind of insane. I’ve already heard this one (and watched the music video). I think it’s beautiful. I love how the music sort of swells toward the end as if preparing for something intense, and then it just goes back to its steady melody. The lyrics are poetic. So beautiful. “Imagining sequences, playing back visions by// stereo air and fragmenting emissions// I’ve lost and found it.// The loneliest thing in the shape of a fist// That I wish I could bring in this bitter abyss.” 

Track 2 - Running With The Boys
Oh, I’ve heard this one too! A nostalgic number. It reminds me, lyrically, of ‘Pretend’ from her first album. But like a matured version? Reminiscing childhood but with less longing. I love the sounds she’s experimenting with on this album. It’s like electronica meets indie rock. I dig it so much. It’s different. And that little bit at the end of the chorus, “Just like the old times (Aah-aah-aah-aah)” is so sweet sounding. It makes me happy ;-;

Track 3 - Up We Go
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. And the video makes me so happy. You guys should watch it. The entire thing was one take and all this insane stuff is going on in the background. It’s brilliantly choreographed. This song is hella catchy, man. There’s such optimism and positivity in this. It’s the entire reason I fell in love with LIGHTS in the first place. Perfect first single. I also love the riff that weaves in through the verses and bridge. “It’s only up we go! UP WE GO!” Ahh, so catchy.

Track 4 - Same Sea
Ahh, a love song! That electro riff transitioning the chorus back to the verse is so great. It makes me want to jump around. This song is upbeat, but it still has those really gentle chords that ground it? Not sure how I’m explaining that. Oh, I cannot wait to play this song in the car while I’m driving. haha. “They’ll carry us with them to the arms of the same sea” STOP. THAT’S SO CUTE. 

Track 5 - Speeding
I heard she wrote this one after getting a speeding ticket or something? haha. This is so energetic. I’m just enjoying the sound of it. “Sleep is for the weary. I’m not slowing down.” That sounds so badass. War-like. haa. 

Track 6 - Muscle Memory
There’s something inexplicable I like about this song. Which may just be one of my favorite things to love about a song. haha. Its lyrics just feel very warm. Something I want to be able to experience with someone. It’s beautiful in its simplicity. Melodically, it’s just got this really infectious cadence. 

Track 7 - Oil and Water
There’s something kind of haunting in the verse melody. The rhyme pattern is like an up-down sort of movement, if that makes sense. These songs all feel very rich to me. Like there’s something in them that hadn’t been there before. I really love the feel of it. There’s maturity in the lyrics and music and emotion. It’s a really great message, too. The whole idea of knowing when something isn’t meant to be, and letting it go despite how painful that might be. 

Track 8 - Slow Down
This reminds me vaguely of something by Blue Foundation. Actually, you know what? This album gives me a slight Blue Foundation feel. It’s reminiscent. If Blue Foundation were electronic pop. Upbeat, catchy chorus. I’m bobbing my head to this. haha.

Track 9 - Meteorites
Is it like a reprise of Up We Go? It sounds very similar. Too similar. On its own, it’s spectacular. I love how it sounds. Like something I’d want to blast while driving through downtown Miami at night. I don’t think it’s a reprise but I could be wrong? I’m just not crazy about how similar the two sound. I love this song and I love Up We Go. 

Track 10 - How We Do It
This part makes me feel something very strong and I don’t know why. “It doesn’t go out in a blaze of glory. It all about how you ended up where. Maybe we live just to tell our story. And how to get there.” Maybe it’s my love for stories and personal journeys. But it’s true. The best part of living is the buildup. The journey. Love you so much, Lights ;-;

Track 11 - Don’t Go Home Without Me
AW. IS THIS A SONG ABOUT HER HUSBAND? This is beautiful. I want to dedicate this song to someone. Is it bad that I hear this song and think of Heronstairs? Oh my god. It’s so Heronstairs to me. “In a world that you’re not near don’t go home without me.” It reminds me of that “I’ll meet you on the other side of the river” thing. AUGHH. 


I knew this album wouldn’t disappoint me just because Lights could probably sing a chapter of my least favorite book and I’d still love it just because Lights makes me happy. LIGHTS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. This is what music is supposed to do, man. Sometimes it should make you want to cry and bleed and wallow in despair, but SOMETIMES IT SHOULD MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE LIVING ON A CANDY CLOUD AND EVERYTHING IS SWELL IN THE WORLD. 

I saw Lights in concert two years ago and it’s still one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I cried the moment she came out. She just fills me with so much joy. It makes all the shitty stuff in my life dissolve outside this beautiful world that is her music. I love it. 

I can’t say I love it more or less than Siberia or her self-titled. It’s different. She’s growing as an artist, trying out new things. But her music still has that optimism that made me love her. LIGHTS, YOU ARE A SUPERHERO AND A ROCKSTAR AND EVERYTHING IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD. I cannot wait to own this, okay. And I cannot wait until I can see her again in concert ;-;

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Whoever cast the Hunger Games films deserves a chocolate house and warm hugs for the rest of their life

Because wow. 

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 I drag myself out of nightmares each morning and find there’s no relief in waking.

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Yeah, I know this ain’t a *reblogging blog* or whatever

But please excuse the plethora of Mockingjay gifs that will be reblogged for at least the next few hours. 

Because every still of that trailer was perfection.

And I want it all over my blog.


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Haymitch comforting Katniss

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (x)

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Okay, so I saw that the trailer was only about a minute and a half long and that lowered my expectations by quite a bit.

BUT HOLY EFFING COW. NO. NO. NO. I WAS WRONG. OH MY GOD. I was so close to tears by the end of that trailer. 

At first, it was very calm for me. I was like, “Oh, look at my babies all grown up. Off to destroy people.” Very Mushu of me, right? Then as the score swells and shit gets blown up and we see very intense flickers of characters we love, I started to lose it. And by the end of it, I’d covered my face and was taking deep breaths and trying not to cry. There were a few shrieks in between. 

Where do I even begin? Oh man. Peeta’s address and KATNISS’S FACE when she’s like, “You’re alive.” And that quick shot of Finnick looking at Katniss with all the love for all he’s lost, and despair in the entire world. That scene of Haymitch pulling Katniss into a hug, but a real hug. The hug in the book where Katniss was like, “I run to Haymitch because he’s the only one who loves Peeta as much as I do.” Or something. My emotions were all over the floor and the walls and the ceiling. Like, they’d exploded.

GALE FIRING THE CROSSBOW. FIGHTING WITH THE TEAM. Gale, my hostile, impulsive baby. Finally fighting, albeit perhaps losing sight of things in the process, BUT FIGHTING. Whatever. I have a lot of Gale feelings. You guys know this. This is nothing new. 

The way Katniss addresses Snow in that exhausted/determined manner. THE WAY SHE FINDS PLUTATRCH AND COIN AND IS LIKE, “FIND PEETA OR FIND A NEW MOCKINGJAY” I was collapsing on my laptop, sobbing Jennifer Lawrence’s name. (Not literally, but, dude. I may as well have). 

I know this is a franchise, but I honestly stand by my thing that Katniss is among Jennifer’s best roles and UGH JUST GIVE HER AN OSCAR NOD FOR IT PLEASE. 

She rips Katniss straight off the page. All that devastation. Exhaustion. Drive. Love. Fear. Courage. It’s all in that trailer. I’m so done.

The effects are crazy good. They get better with every film. 

I’m just so emotional, overall, because Hunger Games was one of my first fandoms ever. I feel like I’ve watched this series grow up into this huge thing and it’s beautiful and extraordinary to see a series so close to my heart expand as it has. And the movies are SO GOOD. I’m beyond excited for Mockingjay, okay. Just. Beyond. 

I want to watch this trailer again and again but damn it I have a test in a few hours and I need to study. BUT UGH. Katniss, you are my queen. Suzanne Collins, you are my queen. Such an emotional, chilling, beautiful trailer. 

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method-to-my-melody replied to your video“I finished Gone Girl last night and wrote a song this morning because…”
Omg…you are amazing. I can’t believe you wrote that in one morning!! got goosebumps haha I wish I could song write!
AHH. Thanks, Liana! You’re so musically talented so it means so much. sdkjghdg <3
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I finished Gone Girl last night and wrote a song this morning because I was completely obsessed with it. It’s dual perspective like the Day/June Legend one had been. But this time, I put the lyrics on the video so the post itself would be less cluttered. (Also because my diction is terrible and you can barely understand me oops XD).

And I can’t scream.
Ghosts can’t be seen.
The manic pixie’s dead.
Immortal in your head. Fuck you.

I’m dangerous
To both of us.
The gone girl’s still alive.
She’s here to watch you die. Your move.

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have you read anything by neal shusterman other than the unwind books? i remember reading the everlost trilogy in high school and loving it a lot.

I have book 1 of Everlost and I’ve read a little of The Eyes of Kid Midas. When I went to his signing, he read excerpts from a bunch of his books and I was completely enthralled by them all. So I do want to read more of his stuff. Everyone’s told me such great things about Everlost. I have it, just have yet to read it :)


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FALLTIME BOOK TAG! Created by Sam. Tagged by Keiter. I did the thing .__. 

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Okay, but real talk. The only scenes in the TFiOS movie that really had me crying were scenes like this, with Hazel and her mom. Because you could feel the love so strongly. You KNEW how desperately Hazel’s mom wanted her baby to be okay and happy. Like, the book had me crying for Gus, but the movie had me crying for Hazel’s mom. Laura Dern is a fucking treasure. 

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The Iron Trial came out today.

And I’m like, “I WANT IT.” But also, “BUT CRESS! I NEED CRESS” 

Oh my gosh. 

I’ll get both. I need to get to a bookstore. My god. This is agony at its finest. 

I have a 2 hour break today between classes. But I don’t have a car. So I’m stuck on campus. My college is, like, 6 minutes away from a Barnes and Noble by car. GOSH, IF ONLY I COULD GET OFF CAMPUS. I’m not walking in this Florida weather. By the time I get back to class, I’ll be sweaty and gross. If only I lived in Canada. Alas.

As of now, I’m not reading anything. Because I need to get my hands on one of these books. I should have milked Scarlet until today but I couldn’t do that. It was too good. I needed to know what happened immediately. 

I could read something short today. Let’s see, I have Speak. I should read that one. How long would that take? Not long. It looks short. I’ll do it. I’ll read Speak while I wait to go to a bookstore.

Then what do I read first? The Iron Trial? Cress? Because on one hand, I really need to know what happens next in the Lunar Chronicles. But on another, Cassie and Holly wrote a book together and that’s exciting in and of itself. 

I will try my hardest to get to a bookstore today!

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So I was like, “I’m going to write my PBD for Scarlet tomorrow” but EFF THAT. I WANT TO SCREAM ABOUT IT NOW. SO I WILL. LET’S SCREAM ABOUT SCARLET. 

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HAHA! I found this on my computer. I filmed this a million years ago (when I filmed my Top 10 Books tag, to be exact). It’s basically me singing the first minute or so of my Legend song ‘Hey Now’ but a capella. I intended on doing the whole thing, but I messed up the second chorus and got dumb and then turned it off. And when I filmed it over, my voice sounded inexplicably and significantly worse, so I never posted it. 

But here’s the first attempt. For giggles. haha